The DHS Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) Lobby is currently closed. We are still here to work for you and your family. We can do that best by working together.

We are providing alternative options to handle many routine activities, such as requesting and returning forms, obtaining the status of your case, and more.

You will find answers for many questions you may have by reading the information and links contained on this webpage.

Reminder:The OCSS does not accept child support payments at our office. To learn how to make payments visit our Make Child Support Payments page.

Payment Information

Please note that all child support matters will now be scheduled via WEBEX/telephonic hearing by the Rhode Island Family Court.

There will no longer be any "in person court hearings" held at Rhode Island Family Court until further notice.

This includes all Family Court locations: Providence, Kent, Washington, and Newport County.

Please do not appear at the courthouse on the date you were previously scheduled.

All cases with a scheduled in person court date, will now be rescheduled for a new hearing date and time.

On the new court date/time listed, you will have your hearing via telephone or WebEx video conference.

You may be contacted by a child support representative about this.

Once the court has completed rescheduling the hearings, you will be mailed a notice with the new date and time. Please follow the instructions included to participate in your court hearing.

If you have a court hearing scheduled and you need the telephone or WebEx information to participate in your court hearing, you can find that information here.

If you are a parent who owes support and recently received a notice from us concerning action that may be taken due to nonpayment of child support, we can assist you without you visiting our office.

Understanding your ability to pay and current circumstances is important to us. You can contact us to provide this information.

You can contact your child support case worker by calling them directly. Please go to the "Contact Us" page review the tables to determine who your assigned worker is. Remember: Cases are broken down into different case types. There are four types of child support cases: Paternity , Establishment, Enforcement, or Interstate.

Use the online inquiry form to send an email to our office. It will be forwarded to the appropriate caseworker, and they will respond to your inquiry within two business days.


Did you know that many of the forms available at our office are also online? Go to our Forms Page to obtain a form.

You can complete the form with all requested information, and return it to your caseworker via mail.

Mailing forms back to us is the best way for us to quickly move forward with your case.

  • Return Forms by Mail

Mailing Address:

State of Rhode Island
Office of Child Support Services
77 Dorrance Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

In many cases, our Community Outreach Liaison can provide assistance to you about who the appropriate person is that you need to speak with. Email her using the email address below.


Are you the parent that is paying child support, and a Covid-19 related situation has affected your ability to pay your child support obligation?

If you recently have become unemployed, temporarily out of work, or you are working less hours, you should apply for unemployment benefits.

In many Covid-19-related situations, you will be eligible for Unemployment Compensation benefits. In Rhode Island, unemployment benefits are administered by the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training (DLT).

RI DLT Workplace Fact Sheet 


The United States Congress added a number of exemptions concerning the stimulus rebate payments within the CARES Act, however, they did not exempt child support arrears. Therefore, if a person owes more than $150 in a public assistance case or more than $500 in a non-public assistance child support case, federal law requires that the stimulus rebate payment be intercepted up to the total amount of child support owed. This payment will be applied to the parent’s child support case and sent to the appropriate party.

Here are some important facts regarding your child support and the federal stimulus payment.

During this period our customers may have many different questions. We have created a document which answers many of the most common questions our customers may have.

COVID-19: Common Child Support Questions & Answers