Services Available

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The Office of Child Support Services will:

  • Determine what services are available and best suited to establish parentage as well as establishing, enforcing and modifying a support order.

  • Collect support payments and apply them first to satisfy current support (what's due that month). If payments received within a month are more that the total due for that month, then they are applied to past-due support (except for the collections made by federal tax refund intercept, which must be applied to past-due support).

  • Send child support to every parent or guardian that has a child support order. When one parent is responsible for children who live in different households, support collections may not be enough to pay each child support order in full. In that case, we allocate the payments so that each household receives its share of the collection. We keep track of all unpaid support and use our enforcement services to collect those amounts.

  • Upon request of either parent, review support orders for consistency with child support guidelines and determine if it might be appropriate to ask the court to change the amount of the child support order. Note the order may go up or down upon review by the Court.

  • Request that the court modify the child support order based upon a substantial change of circumstances.

  • Enforce child support orders in an automated fashion, once certain thresholds are met. Requests for enforcement from custodial parents are not necessary.

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