Kids Card

Money Network Kids Card

The custodial parent will automatically receive child support payments via an electronic payment card called a "Kids Card" unless they have submitted an authorization for direct deposit. This card works just like any other debit card and can be used wherever they are accepted. Custodial parents can change this at any time.

All the necessary forms are linked below.


In Rhode Island it is state law for child support and/or medical support orders to be paid through income withholding paid through the Rhode Island Family Court - RI Child Support Payment Service Unit, or the (SDU) for short. A custodial parent who receives child support paid through the SDU has two options for receiving their payments.

A custodial parent may choose to receive these payments via direct deposit into his or her checking or savings account, or through an automatic deposit sent to an electronic payment card (electronic transfer of funds to an ATM card) called a "KIDS Card". This choice can be made at the time the Application for Services is completed, completion of a CSS-1 form, or upon receipt of the "Welcome Letter" sent from the Office of Child Support Services. If no selection has been made, and once a payment has been received at the RI Child Support Payment Service Unit, the custodial parent will automatically be enrolled in the Kids Card debit card program and may access funds on the electronic prepaid payment card (debit card).

If you need to update your preference for receiving child support payments and you prefer the electronic payment card, please complete an Electronic Distribution Enrollment/Authorization form now.

Effective September 22, 2022: The Rhode Island Office of Child Support Services has changed it's Electronic Payment Card (EPC) provider. Custodial Parents who were issued a KeyBank debit card should have received a Money Network Kids Card debit card, issued by My Banking Direct, a service of New York Community Bank in the mail via USPS. If you did not receive a new debit card, please contact this office to update your address. Once it has been updated on the Child Support Computer System, you may contact My Banking Direct customer service at 1-888-292-0059 and request a replacement card be sent to you.

If you do not want direct deposits sent to your financial institution, you may sign and return the Electronic Distribution Enrollment/Authorization form. This will enroll you in the KIDS Card debit card program. Once a completed form has been received by our office, you will receive a Money Network Kids Card debit card, issued by My Banking Direct, a service of New York Community Bank.  This will be delivered via the U.S. Postal Service and sent directly from My Banking Direct. The KIDS Card welcome packet is mailed to the address we have on record for you.

The welcome packet will include your new KIDS Card debit card and detailed information about the debit card program, such as:

  • how to view your account balance, transaction history, or card activity online;
  • information about creating automatic bill payments online;
  • or, information on how you may transfer some or the entire KIDS Card balance to an external checking or savings account;
  • Money Network Cardholder Website--the card holder website, additional information about the new Money Network Kids Card debit card, issued by My Banking Direct, a service of New York Community Bank.
  • 1-888-292-0059 Money Network My Banking Direct Kids Card debit card, a service of New York Community Bank Customer Service

Please note that if you do not complete and return either authorization form, you will be mailed a KIDS Card debit card, automatically enrolling you in the electronic debit card program. You must activate the card in order to access payments.

Money Network State Government Disbursement Program Short Form Banking Fee Notice

You may choose to receive your Child Support payments in your checking or savings account by completing and submitting the Authorization for Direct Deposit form below (available in English and Spanish). Completed forms should be returned to our Accounting Office at 77 Dorrance Street, Providence RI 02903.

Once the direct deposit authorization form has been received our office will process your request. This could take 2 - 3 weeks, because the account information must be verified by your bank. When this has been completed, Child Support payments will automatically be deposited directly into the checking or savings account you provided.

Please note: Per federal regulations, we cannot delay the distribution of any Child Support payments received. As a result, some payments may initially be sent to a KIDS Card until the direct deposit authorization form is received and your account information has been verified.

This is the telephone number / website information for anyone who has received child support payments on an Electronic Payment Card (EPC) before September 22, 2022.  

  • KeyBank Customer Service telephone number: 1-866-295-2955