Important Notice About RI's FIPS Pay Code

The State of Rhode Island Office of Child Support Services needs your assistance.

Since 2010, Connecticut and Rhode Island child support agencies have had a unique partnership agreement for child support payment processing. All Rhode Island and Connecticut child support payments are processed in the same facility, by the same company, located in Hartford, Connecticut.

However, each state has its own unique FIPS pay code. The Rhode Island FIPS code is 44002.

The IWO specifies which FIPS pay code to use. Make sure your EFT file format and or software is not changing the Rhode Island FIPS pay code to the Connecticut FIPS pay code simply because the address indicates a Hartford, Connecticut, address.

Failure to use the correct FIPS code delays much-needed child support payments to Rhode Island families. If you need clarification on this issue, please email the Office of Child Support Services.

Thank you for your cooperation.