Project Restore

If your case is currently receiving services from OCSS, you may be entitled to participate in Project Restore. Project Restore is a program designed to help non-custodial parents who were paying their child support consistently, but can no longer do so due to job loss.

We provide intake referral services to each NCP individually, so their individual needs will be met. Services may include: assistance with filing a Motion for Relief, referral for job training, referral for SNAP benefits, housing, counseling, parenting class etc. The primary goal of Project Restore is to help the NCP enter suitable employment. This often is accomplished through assistance with resume writing, interviewing skills, and job leads.

Ultimately, Project Restore hopes to encourage NCP's regular participation in a child’s life, increase a child’s well - being, reduce parental conflicts, reduce the number of enforcement actions, and to restore child support as a reliable source of income.

For additional information, please contact:

Chalechia Campinha Community Outreach Liaison at (401) 458 - 4425